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The Product 


The material we use to take moulds is called Alginate. It has been widely used in Dentistry for many years and is skin-safe and extracted from brown seaweed. It is a single use material but it is Biodegradable and has a chromatic nature meaning it changes colour when its set, we are in control of the Alginate, meaning we make it nice and warm to set quickly for babies, gooey like slime for children and thick like mud for dogs!


The casting session 

.The session will take around an hour including looking at framing and mounting options.

Taking moulds is a very quick process, it takes minutes for the product to set.

Younger babies can be held by you on your lap or in your arms, the baby is the boss and i follow their lead to whatever they are happy doing at the time if they are really unsettled, breastfeeding or bottle feeding at the time of the casting helps keep little ones more content for their moulds to be taken. 


For older babies and children i have found distractions of toys, food or their favourite program can help keep them still for their moulds to be taken.

For dogs i use a release agent on their fur to help remove them from the mould, bringing their favourite treat usually dose the trick.


Hand Entwined

Hand Entwined is done in a "bucket" style and can hold up to 5 people at a time depending on age. This style is more suitable for young children and older relatives, its really quick and the Whole family will enjoy it.

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